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Landscape Survey

Please provide your comments on landscape conditions, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities on the map below. The blocks that you see on the map below are either named for their major landscape feature or based on their nearest adjacency or largest building. Larger areas outside of the main campus that have a significant Pitt presence, such as Oakland or Craig Street have also been identified.

If you would like to comment on a specific block, please click on it and provide your comment within the box. Comments should be related to plantings and landscape, building siting or entrances, off-street pedestrian paths, and basically anything that happens between the street and the building.

Aside from identifying the positives and negatives, where would be great opportunities for outdoor gathering, additional seating or furniture, recreation spaces, or new off-street paths that make travel up and down the hill easier? Lastly, any comments that seek to improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity, accessibility, or aesthetics would also be appreciated, but remember please make your comments specific to the selected block.

If you have a comment on landscape conditions, pedestrian paths, blocks, or open spaces that are not identified on the map or general comments, please provide it in the Other Comments box below, and make sure you identify the place in your explanation.