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Transportation Survey

Please provide your comments on the conditions, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities related to the transportation network on the map below. Each street on the Pitt campus has been identified, as well as the streets that pass through the campus or serve central Oakland. Parking lots and garages that are owned or leased by Pitt have also been identified.

If you would like to comment on a street (or adjacent sidewalk/path), parking lot, or garage, click on the feature and provide your comment within the box. Please make your comments specific to the selected facility. For longer roadways (e.g., Forbes Avenue, 5th Avenue), please make your comments specific to the individual segment.

Comments may be focused on anything transportation-related, including bus/shuttle service and stops, crosswalks and sidewalks, accessibility, bicycle facilities and amenities (bike lanes, bike parking, bikeshare), pick-up/drop-off locations, parking facilities, traffic, safety, the interaction between modes of travel, connectivity, or mobility in general. Ideas to improve conditions would also be welcome.

If you have a comment on a street or parking facility that is not identified on the map or if you have a general comment, please provide it in the Other Comments box below, and be sure to identify the location in your comment.